QuickBooks Counts on yellowHEAD’s ASO to Maximize Conversion

QuickBooks Online is a cloud-based accounting app that allows business owners to instantly oversee the performance of their business through such features as:

  • Tracking expenses
  • Customizable invoices
  • Running reports (balance sheet/ profit & loss/ cashflow)

QuickBooks success story stats

“At QuickBooks, we really wanted to sharpen our app’s store listings, reach a larger audience, and boost our conversion rate. Thanks to yellowHEAD’s ASO team, we have seen great improvements across the board!” – Mark Tyler, Senior Marketing Manager

the goal

QuickBooks sought to improve the overall success of their app’s store listing in the app stores. They turned to yellowHEAD to boost their search visibility and conversion using keyword targeting strategies, A/B testing plans, and enticing marketing messaging.

the solution

As longtime partners, QuickBooks & yellowHEAD have achieved great results by applying the ASO team’s strategy and deep understanding of industry best practices.

yellowHEAD’s App Store Optimization strategy has always included a thorough A/B testing plan to maximize conversion and stay relevant.

Conversion optimization is usually focused on creative assets such as icons, screenshots, videos, and feature graphics. However, there is one often-overlooked aspect of the testing process that has huge potential to sway your visitors: the Short Description.

By brainstorming several new ideas for two short description tests, yellowHEAD was able to carry out QuickBooks’ aim to improve conversion. The boost in conversion had phenomenal effects, with higher-proportional increases in installs and First Time Depositors (FTDs).

QuickBooks short description ab tests

the results

Test #1 Test #2
Installs increased by a whopping 118.5% Installs increased by 52.7%
Organic CvR increase of 12% Organic CvR increase of 6%
FTD increased by 152.4$ FTD increased by 44.7%