Multi-Million Brand Sky Rockets Its Organic Traffic with 25X Increase

An internationally well-known American brand trusted by consumers all around the world for over 57 years.

SEO success story bullets

the goal

Significantly increase organic traffic by improving website rankings & search visibility.

the solution

yellowHEAD SEO experts crafted a strategy that started with covering the basics – ensuring there are no technical issues with the website and content is search engine friendly.

The next step taken was a thorough keyword research. This allowed the yellowHEAD team to ensure that they were targeting high-volume search queries

As the brand was running PPC campaigns with yellowHEAD’s Google acquisition team, the SEO team already knew which search queries also have a higher conversion rate.

During a deep analysis of the keywords, SEO experts found that the pages were optimized only for the main keyword of the niche. Thus, the team decided to add a secondary keyword to each of the pages’ meta titles as well.

The meta titles of 10 pages were edited (meta titles only), all of them covering the same niche from different angles.

No black hat work, no backlinks – just Meta Titles!

the results

After only 10 days, organic traffic increased by 2478.4 % compared to the average pre-optimization period.

Yes, that number is not a mistake.

Organic traffic multiplied by 25.78x!

SEO success story - organic traffic

yellowHEAD’s SEO team achieved this result by working methodically, covering their bases, and optimizing page titles according to search queries.

As a result, the average CTR has tripled compared to pre-optimization numbers (from 0.9% in December to 3% in April):

SEO success story - CTR

And customer acquisition grew by 302.56%:

SEO success story - acquisition

The focus was mainly on Google search engine rankings in the US, but as expected, the traffic increase also originated from Bing & Yahoo.