High Fives All Around with H5G & yellowHEAD’s Amazing Results!

High 5 Games is an engaging gaming company that has created some of the most acclaimed slot titles in the industry. Their slots game High 5 Casino became the fastest-growing virtual casino game on Facebook in 2012. With an incredibly diverse team of mathematicians, software engineers, programmers, and artists, H5G is anything but ordinary.


“Since working with yellowHEAD, we have seen incredible increases in campaign performance. The team has been great and is always thinking of new, creative ways to make the most out of our advertising budget!”  

Deanna Ishikawa, Director of CRM

the goal

Meet the High 5 Casino’s KPIs and achieve a solid ROI D7.

the solution

With yellowHEAD’s years of experience in the social casino field, our UA team really knows how to target the right audiences, implement industry best practices, analyze campaign performance, and optimize on an ongoing basis.

Our tech team has been able to enhance our UA analytic capabilities even further by developing advanced in-house technologies and comprehensive dashboards based on real-time databases. yellowHEAD’s UA experts are now able to dive deeper into the data, with drilldowns that allow them to optimize campaigns in ways they weren’t able to before.

We decided to achieve High 5 Casino’s goals in a three-step process:

1)    Invest in the right places: The team saw a positive trend on Instagram and began investing in it by creating a dedicated campaign while using top-performing creatives that were resized for IG. We tracked the performance of each geo on a weekly basis, excluding low performing geos until we found a group of geos that performed well in ROI D7. We then created a separate campaign for that group. This ensured that H5 is investing in the right places, minimizing unnecessary expenses.

2)   Think outside the box: By diving deeper into the user journey in Alison Analytics, we researched through the most valuable actions within the funnel and turned those into seed audiences for our lookalikes. These audiences drove amazing results for High 5 Casino.

3)   Invest in Creatives: Using our creative technology, Alison Art, the UA team was able to identify that a certain theme of creatives performed best. We analyzed the user journey and, based on a series of patterns determined by Alison Art, were able to create a video that utilized the best-performing elements to drive even more growth.

ROI D7 saw a 7.5% improvement via testing a variety of Hoot Loot creatives.

Using a geo breakdown, we were able to create different audience types, such as top ROI, top ARPPU, and top FTD rate countries.

the results

  • Maintained steady CPIs while significantly increasing the spend in value optimization
  • Total 247% increase in ROI D7
  • 80% increase in ad spend
  • Expansion of Tier 1 markets