Ginger – 130% Growth in One Year

Ginger is a cross-platform writing and productivity solution offering a multitude of features such as proofreading, live corrections, translation, swipe-typing, emojis, themes and more on both a keyboard app and a desktop suite. Ginger’s unique contextual understanding allows it to give suggestions based on what you are actually talking about, rather than just blindly based on a dictionary.


the goal

Ginger came to yellowHEAD having already achieved highly impressive SEO success, but looking for a partner to help them put together and execute a strategy to take their SEO to the next level. Ginger operates in an enormous search vertical with millions of monthly searches and, from the outset, we set aggressive goals, including doubling traffic from only organic traffic, while maintaining or improving conversion rates from that traffic.

the solution

Work with Ginger began with an unpleasant surprise. Within two weeks of taking the on project, received a manual penalty from Google due to a negative SEO ‘attack.’ We worked with the entire Ginger team to remove the penalty and recovered the site in record time. A full case study on the manual penalty was published on Moz. Recovering from the penalty, yellowHEAD began working with Ginger on aggressive content campaigns and sections to attract relevant traffic. We created and built upon multiple areas of Ginger’s website, including a section on grammar rules, a spelling book and multiple online tools relevant to the company’s offering. These sections allowed us to begin targeting thousands of new keywords and, thanks to the quality of the content and the brand, these sections began to attract large numbers of natural links as well. In addition, as Ginger began to promote their keyboard more aggressively, we worked with them on mobile optimization of their website and mobile conversion optimization. Based on yellowHEAD’s guidelines, Ginger put together and tested multiple designs to find better conversion rates. The work continues today and results are impressive.

the results

Within one year, yellowHEAD increased monthly new users from organic traffic to by over 130%. charts Conversion rate for mobile pages was nearly tripled from original non-optimized pages.