Bingo! yellowHEAD’s Creative Analysis Technology Helps GSN Increase Revenues

GSN is well-known for their online social casino games. Bingo Bash has been one of GSN’s classic bingo games since its launch in 2011 and is a very successful app around the world, with over 14M users and high player satisfaction.

Bingo Bash success story stats

"We have been working with yellowHEAD for over a year and are really pleased with our results. This test was a great initiative and we were excited to see the outcome. Needless to say, the results speak for themselves!" - Erez Mousseri, VP Marketing


the goal

Increase the amount of high-value users and players, while increasing new user CvR.

the solution

yellowHEAD constantly searches for opportunities to improve campaign results by testing different elements of our activity. We recognized an opportunity to test changes in our Bingo Bash ads and creatives, and further optimize GSN’s ad spend.

Using yellowHEAD’s creative analysis technology, we assessed Bingo Bash’s creatives and saw a significant difference in performance between videos with and without sound. This incited us to test the level of impact this specific element had.

Running A/B tests of creatives with versus without sound resulted in significant improvements in performance. Once we collected a substantial amount of data and saw the advantage of using sound in the ads, we shifted our focus towards these types of ads.

Given that the majority of Facebook users view videos with the sound off, these results were surprising and prove that creative elements should be tested on a case-by-case basis.

the results

Ads including sound greatly improved the activity’s performance – increasing ROI and new user CvR, while lowering the cost per install and, more importantly, the cost of acquiring First Time Depositors.

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