Armed Heist & yellowHEAD steal the show by shooting down CPAs & increasing installs

Armed Heist is a new action-packed, third-person shooting game by Sozap, launched on the Apple App Store in August 2018 and the Google Play Store in February 2019. The game premise is to keep your heart pumping and stay alive during dangerous missions robbing banks and armored trucks. You can upgrade your weapons and build your character as you take on new challenges.

In the short time since its launch, Armed Heist has already seen several hundreds of thousands of installs on the App Store and has been featured on Google Play twice. With these opportunities in hand, yellowHEAD's squad of experts produced winning App Store Optimization & PPC strategies to take Armed Heist to the next level, while gauging the effects of these tactics on one another.


Armed Heist success story stats
"We wanted to take Armed Heist to the next level. Improving ROI & CVR. The yellowHEAD squad not only helped achieve this but also got everything ready for our global launch. We’re very happy with the results and are excited for our future together!" - Rade Prokopovich, Founder & CEO, Armed Heist

the goal

  • Boost organic installs with App Store Search Optimization
  • Increase overall CVR (page view-to-install) with App Store Conversion Optimization
  • Lower CPAs for Paid Acquisition campaigns on Facebook

the solution

After our careful ASO keyword research and strategic search optimization, Armed Heist gained greater discoverability in the App Stores by ranking higher for more valuable keywords. The increased search visibility has led to considerably more organic installs.

With our thorough localization process, we researched and compiled an extensive list of the most valuable local keyword targets in 20+ countries and localized Armed Heist’s Android & iOS app store listings accordingly. By targeting local keywords, Armed Heist achieved increased search visibility worldwide.

Meanwhile, we began a series of Google Play Console experiments to improve conversion at each step of the in-store funnel for all traffic sources. It was important to optimize CVR in order to capitalize on the app’s first feature in Google Play. We started by A/B testing the icon, as it is the first graphic seen in the organic user funnel. The result was a 50% uplift in CVR.

While our ASO team was testing and preparing localization, our Facebook team was setting up tests as well.

More than 15 videos were created with different concepts and hypotheses to test which concept worked best with which audiences. With accurate targeting and optimization, the yellowHEAD team succeeded in targeting lookalike audiences of quality app users with a variety of interests. The strategy was based on analysis of the users’ persona, competitors, and some interesting takeaways from Facebook’s Audience Insights tool.

The 360 Effect

Interestingly, one of the better-performing Facebook campaigns included the text, “3rd Person Shooter”. Shortly after the yellowHEAD Facebook team uploaded the campaign, the ASO team saw an increase in Armed Heist’s ranking for this phrase in their ongoing tracking tools. Just another glimpse into the cumulative effect of paid efforts on organic trends, thanks to close ASO monitoring.

Armed Heist video ad

Armed Heist - 3rd Person Shoot keyword stats

the results

  • 82% Increase in Organic Installs
  • 4x Increase in Ad Spend Without Compromising ROI
  • 33% Decrease in CPA