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Who we are

We are yellowHEAD Inc - 1/2 internet geeks, 1/2 marketing fanatics.

I found a mistake in the text I sent you. Can you please change the first paragraph in Who We Are to the following: yellowHEAD is a full service online marketing agency that specializes in bringing all aspects of online marketing solutions together to provide your company with a distinct and effective online presence. The agency was founded in 2011 by two partners, Shai Karmi and Gal Bar, and has since grown rapidly to bring together a unique team of talented web developers and online marketing specialists. The yellowHEAD family is passionate about finding creative and inspiring solutions for our clients by encouraging innovation and committing to excellence as part of our DNA. We maximize your results by implementing various online marketing strategies, including SEO, SEM, UX Design, ASO and Social Media, while carefully combining appropriate methods that are geared towards your company and its objectives.

yellowHEAD's clients operate in the most competitive search markets in the world, including Gaming, eCommerce & Retail, Forex, Travel, Binary Options, and more. Since the company's foundation, we have worked tirelessly to develop unique processes that allow us to compete and succeed in those industries.

At yellowHEAD, we focus on building rewarding business relationships. We craft our deals to meet our clients' long term needs and tailor solutions for each client's unique requirements. In a world filled with 'get-rich-quick' schemes, we work to build lasting brand strength.

yellowHEAD’s Mission: Our mission is to provide a unique 360° online marketing solution for companies looking to expand their online presence and make it effective by thinking outside the box and implementing cutting edge strategies, keeping in mind each individual client’s goals and needs.


What we do

Search Engine Optimization

With the explosive growth of search engines and the increasing complexity of search algorithms, SEO is quickly becoming one of the most rewarding yet turbulent marketing streams. yellowHEAD can help you steer the waters and achieve game-changing ROI.

Search Engine Optimization is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and neither is yellowHEAD. With us, every campaign is custom-tailored and every solution is unique. Our SEO team brings together decades of experience and success in the industry's most competitive niches. We have managed campaigns for multi-national clients in industries ranging from eCommerce to gaming. We achieve such success by mixing our versatile experience with creativity and innovation.

For the non IT-savvy person, SEO can easily become a cluttered and confusing field characterized by jargon and a general lack of transparency. We are passionate about SEO as a marketing stream and make sure that our work is transparent, accessible, and understandable. Our SEO campaigns are built on:

  • In-Depth Research
  • A Rock-Solid Foundation of 'On-Page SEO'
  • Innovative and Safe 'Off-Page SEO'
  • Integration with Social Signals
  • Monitoring & Analytics
  • Results-Based Optimization
  • Attracting quality traffic while building long-term brand strength.

We work for our clients to create lasting results that they can rely on for years to come.


What we do

Search Engine Marketing

Increasing Your Market Share, Revenue, and Profit

Not many tools beat PPC in flexibility, cost-control, immediacy, and results. However, success is no easy feat. Great campaigns require a strong mix of know-how, science, art, and tenacity. That's where yellowHEAD comes into play.

We are a proven PPC agency with a track record of exceeding goals. Our exceptional team works diligently to maximize yellowHEAD clients’ reach and conversion while minimizing spending.

The yellowHEAD Process

Our process aims to create clarity in the often 'clouded' realm of paid search. Our PPC team uses the latest and best search engine marketing practices and technologies to drive brand strength and give our clients the control they need over their marketing campaigns.

Our paid search process is built on foundations of:

  • Forecasting and Predictive Modeling
  • Bid Management
  • Account Structure
  • Analytics, Testing, & Continuous Optimization
  • Carefully Designed Landing Pages & UX

yellowHEAD has created and managed effective PPC campaigns representing millions of dollars for leading international firms in the world's most competitive internet marketing verticals. We have worked with newcomers to industries to carve out a market share from existing competitors and with old and established brands to reinvigorate product lines and capitalize on brand strength. We have close contacts within major search engine companies and, in a world that changes daily, we make sure that we are always one step ahead of the game.

The Team, the Tools, the Technology

yellowHEAD can offer you a cutting-edge team, the most sophisticated tools, and the most advanced technology out there to create a rock-solid foundation of search engine advertising. We conduct in-depth critical research, monitor developments in verticals, create industry-leading innovative strategies, craft the highest-converting calls to action, develop captivating and creative campaigns, and continuously analyze, refine, and re-optimize campaigns to achieve the highest possible ROIs. Our technology allows us to view the whole picture of a campaign while simultaneously drill down to the smallest levels of data in order to deliver you a leading competitive advantage.

What we do

UX Design

User Experience Design

Too many marketing firms focus exclusively on getting users to their clients' websites. Without design marketing tools, including a website landing page designed for an engaging user experience, ease of use, and, most importantly, conversion, all of these efforts can become futile. We craft appealing and interactive interfaces to create websites that delight users and exceed business goals. A high quality user experience design conveys the vision and strategy of a company. It is a tool which sets you apart from competitors in your field. We can help ensure that your design is in sync with your strategy.

yellowHEAD has an in-house development team and works with some of the best freelancers in the world to create a targeted user experience that will convert the user. We design based on objectives - whether those objectives include conveying information, capturing user data, or driving sales – by using human behavior methods and psychology tricks. As with everything we do, our design is never static. It is a result born of creativity and research, and is refined through analysis and optimization. Small changes in percentages of user conversion on websites can lead to a significant impact on market share, revenue, and other business goals. At yellowHEAD, we recognize the importance of the user and know how to make these goals happen.

What we do


Untapped Potential for World-Wide Market Dominance

App Store Optimization (ASO) is unique in that it is entirely crucial to getting your app discovered, but is an all but completely ignored marketing stream.

According to the latest studies, over sixty percent of app downloads across iOS and Android are driven by search in the App Store. As well over 50 million apps are downloaded per day in the iTunes App Store alone, there is an enormous potential for new users. With case studies popping up around the world of businesses increasing profits by a percentage in the thousands following ASO, it is amazing that this field is as untapped as it is. That being said, it will definitely not remain this way for long.

ASO has a lot in common with SEO and SEM – thorough and holistic keyword research, monitoring & analytics, a world-wide view and constant optimization are all paramount. Descriptions and artwork must be optimized to maximize conversions and, in the world of Android, a healthy backlink profile (good old SEO-style) fills in the gaps. Mixing these elements with additional online marketing streams to push downloads will ensure your app maximum visibility and even access to the coveted Top 10 within your app's category.

At yellowHEAD, we pride ourselves on remaining at the edge of developments in the marketing world and ASO is no exception. We are constantly experimenting, learning and growing in this marketing stream and will ensure that your app doesn't miss the wave.


What we do

Connect With Your Customers and Expand Your Scope

The eruption of social media has changed the most basic functions in people’s lives. The rapidity and connectivity of our communication and information sharing have reached a level few could have imaged only a few years ago. Storefronts have been replaced by Facebook pages, catalogs by Pinterest, and mailers by Twitter. These radical changes have brought with them unprecedented opportunities.

Social Media Marketing is a fantastic method by which to create connection and interaction between a company and its current and potential customers. It is a powerful avenue to expand your scope, increase awareness, drive sales, provide customer service and create loyalty. It is a marketing tool which we feel is not only recommended, but required.

At yellowHEAD, we work on one hand with companies who already have an established social media presence, including Facebook pages with tens of millions of followers, and on the other hand with companies who turn to us to open their Facebook page. The solution is targeted and unique for each client, but our principles are the same for all – high quality viral content in the right way, on the right platforms, and at the right times. We help craft social media accounts and content that are in line with the company’s brand strategy, effectively deliver its message, excite its customers and, most importantly, realize its business goals.

Our clients


Our clients

The world's leading social game developer with 253M monthly active users.

"yellowHEAD helped us increase our conversions significantly while consistently reducing our CPA."

Yaron L., Director of User Acquisition


The largest hospital in Israel dedicated solely to children's health.

"yellowHEAD not only met our expectations but exceeded them"

Eddie N., VP


A leading online broker with 200k traders and monthly trade volumes of over $60B.

Coming Soon...


Global Medical Organization

A medical tourism company, connecting patients with the country's top doctors.

"Ultimately, yellowHEAD succeeds in providing us the best conversion rate in the business, much higher than our direct competitors while using a lower budget."

Ran D., CEO

Zynga Plus Poker

Zynga's online poker brand - the company's first forray into real money gaming.

"yellowHEAD not only met our expectations but exceeded them"

Nicole H., Product Marketing Manager

Zynga Plus Casino

Zynga's online casino brand hosts hundreds of games with real money prizes.

Coming Soon...



An online pawn shop that offers affordable loans at as low as 1% interest.

"yellowHEAD is without a doubt a group of well-versed online marketing professionals with high dedication and commitment to success."

Kfir B., CMO

One of the largest online gambling companies with casinos, poker, and more.

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Doctor Bingo

Doctor Bingo.

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bingo appy

bingo appy.

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